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Classroom Teaching

How is PBL Being Taught in the Classroom?

Teachers at Heckenberg Public School regularly teach the expectations contained in the Student Expectations Matrix. The PBL expectations are taught every day for at least 10 minutes. This Matrix is used as the basis for the explict teaching of positive behaviour in the classroom. The Matrix is displayed in every classroom and we use a SMART notebook electronic version of the Matrix.

Student Expectations Matrix (doc, 44 KB)

What is contained in a PBL lesson?

PBL lessons contain the following elements (not every lesson may contain every one of the elements):

  • Consistent approach to using PBL language
  • An explanation of why students are learning PBL
  • Reference to the "Core Values" in particular "respect"
  • Definitions of safe respectful learners and identification of specific positive behaviours
  • Modelled role play (To identify positive and negative behaviour); interactions in small groups. Teacher highlights why the negative behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Guided student modelling of role play
  • Strategies for dealing with bullying behaviour
  • Discussion on how we transfer the positive behaviours into all situations
  • Link to our whole school positive behaviour levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Super Gold